Neon Hearts – Venus Eccentric colour vinyl 7″

500 only, colour vinyl with double-sided full colour insert


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Originally released on their own label on 1st December 1977, the Neon Hearts debut 7″ ‘Venus Eccentric’ b/w ‘Regulations’ has become regarded as a classic of it’s genre.

Innovatively packaged in an oversized 8″ sleeve it meant that the shopsd couldn’t display it with the other singles so had to put it on the walls or the shop counter.

John Peel played it several times and the band established their own punk venue at the Lord Raglan in Wolverhampton and gigged furiously nationwide, building a substantial following and reaching the attention of many labels.

Despite various options, Neon Hearts made the wrong decision and signed to Satril who tried to manipulatre the band into taking a more commercial direction.

A standard on many of the KBD and bootleg compilations the original single will now cost you £75 and was in dire need of reissuing. In steps Overground Records, the band designed a lovely double-sided full colour insert and a pressing of 500 on colour vinyl was manufactured. However, not everything went to plan, the stampers broke after 317 copies and when those copies were delivered it transpired that the labels were pressed on the wrong side so sticky labels were produced to cover them. This was corrected for the remaining 180 copies.

A variety of colours were manufactured including: sky blue, white, smokey gold, green and duck egg blue.


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