The Cravats – Burning Bridges 7″

Repro of origininal with bonus Cravfacts insert


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With the resurgence of the much loved Cravats thanks to last year’s critically acclaimed new LP Dustbin of Sound they are re-releasing a limited edition of 500 copies of their classic Small Wonder singles on vinyl, as many missed them first time around and apart from paying silly money on eBay or Discogs it is a way of filling that ‘C’ section in your record collections with finery.

Gordon was re-released last year and very few remain (if you haven’t bought it yet, best do so from all top retail outlets or any Cravats Live show))

Now, here comes The End featuring Burning Bridges, The End and, the classic, I Hate The Universe.

Produced by Bob Sargeant in December 1978 (a week after he produced The Fall’s Live At The Witch Trials in the same studio) it has been digitally remastered and, like Gordon, is encased in the same glorious sleeve artwork.

Attempting to make these re-releases look as close to the originals as possible has been a labour of love. Back then artwork was all, bits of cardboard, Letraset, scissors and a tube of glue, but thanks to modern, space-age technology you’ll get a near identical sleeve and spot on label (in this instance Pete Stennett has kindly allowed us to reproduce his legendary Small Wonder Record label).

Also each copy comes with a handy insert featuring ‘Cravfacts’ which are guaranteed to increase your record purchasing enjoyment.

Remember, only 497 of these exist and then they’ve gone forever. Place your order now or pick one up from any Cravats gig.

More will follow (the awesome Precinct in a few months) so collect the set and drink plenty of water.