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Overground’s Artists – A Wealth of Talent

The Styrenes

An American proto-punk rock band, formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1975, by former members of other local underground scene bands, Electric Eels and Mirrors.

Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day are a British punk rock band formed in Portsmouth in 1984.

Damian O’Neill

Damian is the guitarist with the Undertones and songwriter in his own right

The Long Decline

Not many groups are reviewed by the Jewish Chronicle thus: "few punk bands ever released anything as in-your-face as The Long Decline’s I’m A Jew”.

The Mob

The Mob are an English anarcho-punk band, formed in Yeovil, Somerset in the late 1970s.

John the Postman

Jon was a postman in Manchester in the 1970s and  was one of the attendees at the first Sex Pistols gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall. He was  described as "a committed and omnipresent figure on the punk and post-punk scene in Manchester".