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The Mob are an English anarcho-punk band, formed in Yeovil, Somerset in the late 1970s.

The Mob


The Mob were formed in Yeovil, Somerset in the late 1970s by Mark Wilson, Curtis You’e and Graham Fallows and their early gigs were notable for the sporadic violence which used to break out, including an appearance at the 1978 summer solstice Stonehenge festival.

A few months later they were back at Stonehenge, at the Crypt Studios, to record their first single, Crying Again, aided by Here and Now’s soundman and studio engineer, Grant Showbiz. It was released on their own label, All the Madmen, and sold through the All The Madmen fanzine, at gigs and at Acorn Records.

In 1979, The Mob toured with Here and Now and got the chance to play “away from home” including a “free” tour called “Weird Tales” featuring The Mob, The Astronauts, Zounds, Androids of Mu plus many local bands that happened to show up.

The band went back to the Stonehenge Festival in 1980 but their appearance was marred by anti-punk biker gangs who turned it into a brawl. The Snipers had played first, then The Mob, but when the Epileptics (later known as Flux of Pink Indians) began playing, fighting broke out.

In late 1982, The Mob recorded a couple of tracks at Spaceward with financial help from Alistair and Mick Lugworm. They refused to sign to labels, and dedicated this to the ‘scene’ that the band had been lumped into against their wishes.

The final Mob release was the Mirror Breaks 7″ recorded once again at Spaceard and relased in the summer of 1983. They disbanded shortly afterwards but reformed in 2011 after Mark discovered a surprise party planned for his upcoming birthday was to feature a Mob cover band.

Back together again, they played a number of concerts with the original members. North American shows followed in October 2012, and various European gigs in 2012/13, going back to the US in 2014/15.


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