The Disrupters – Open Wounds: 1980 – 2011

500 only, blue vinyl. LAST COPY!!


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Compiled by found member and vocalist Steve Hansell, this is the first compilation to span the entire Disrupters career. A one-off pressing on blue vinyl of 500 copies it includes a full size insert with photos and a detailed band history.

The Disrupters formed in Norwich in 1980. An early demo sent to Crass saw them appearing on the first Bullshit Detector album. Summer 1981 the band went into the studio and recorded the Young Offender 7” which would be released on their own Radical Change label, establishing the band as one of the premier anarcho-punk bands. Another single Shelters for the Rich followed as did the classic album Unrehearsed Wrongs.

The Disrupters were a highly political anarcho-punk band who believed in direct action. Having attended the successful Stop the City riot in London, the band tried to attempt a similar ‘action’ in Norwich. Initially the hit and run tactics worked, but the police soon arrested and charged them. The band were also present at the Stonehenge riot and many of the anti-vivisection protests around the country.

Radical Change was growing and released records by Icon AD, Revulsion, Self Abuse etc. as well as another Disrupters single Bomb Heaven and their second album Playing With Fire and a 12” called Alive In The Electric Chair.

The band start to feel alienated from the increasingly authoritarian and intolerant attitudes within the anarcho-punk movement and grew apart from the scene, eventually splitting in 1988.

In 2005 Overground Records released the Gas The Punx compilation. Two years later they reformed to play Steve Ignorant’s Feeding Of The 5000 gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and releasing the Generation Retard album before calling it a day in 2011.