Legion Of Parasites – Another Disaster

26 track CD of recordings from 1982 to 1985


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In 1981 three lads in Pavenham, Bedfordshire aged 14 to 17 decide to form a punk band. They soon discover Crass and the burgeoning anarcho-punk movement and this influences them both politically and musically.

In 1982 they record seven tracks and release it as a cassette titled Another Disaster and later that year another five tracks are recorded with two of the tracks appearing on the highly successful 1983 Pax compilation Bollox to the Gonads Here’s the Testicles alongside Flux of Pink Indians, Dead Kennedys etc.

The same demo tape gets them two tracks on each of two American compilation albums: Compulsory Overtime (Diesen Records) and Empty Skulls Vol. 2 (Fartblossom Records).

By now interest in the band is snowballing and they record six more songs that appear on Colin Jerwood’s (Conflict/Mortarhate) new label Fight Back as the Undesirable Guest 12”. The record was a huge success and Colin asked them to record a song for the compilation: We Don’t Want Your Fucking War. Their track Sea of Desecration became probably their best known song.

In spring 1985 the band recorded an album. Unfortunately they had no way of paying for it. After discussions with Red Rhino and the Cartel who suggested the band set up their own label — which they promised to bankroll — Prison of Life was released on Trash Records in autumn 1985.

This early part of their career is all chronicled on this compilation. A second volume will appear later documenting their later years and the Stud Records releases.

Track Listing: Don’t Fight Me/ Protect & Survive/ Sold Out / Glue/ Exploit Control Manipulate/ All Out Attack/ I Hate You Hate/ Boredom/ Condemned To Live In Fear/ Party Time/ Hypocrite/ Savages/ Hopeless Situation/ Abuse/ Death In The City/ Blinding Light/ Massacre/ Death Watch/ Sea Of Desecration/ Control/ War Hero/ Mad Dog/ Waste Of Money/ Another Disaster/ Dying World/ Prison Of Life