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In 1980, The Lethal Objects and the Atomz joined together as a five-piece and named themselves The System

The System

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The System formed In Wigan, Lancashire in January 1980, a fusion of two local punk bands.

Rebellious from the start, one of their first gigs on 29th July 1981 caused outrage when they played their local pub’s car park whilst many residents were celebrating Charles and Di’s royal wedding. The local vicar ensured that the police pulled the plug.

It was hearing Crass and seeing them live that influenced the band to move in a more ‘anarcho-punk’ direction. Soon they had linked up with other like-minded bands and after playing with Flux of Pink Indians were invited to join Flux’s Spiderleg Records. Two singles were released in 1982 Dogs Of War and The System Is Murder and the two bands toured together. They also appeared on the Wargasm compilation album with Dead Kennedys, Captain Sensible, Mau Maus and others.

A friendship with Crass developed with The System organising two gigs for them in Wigan and Crass turned up unannounced at a System gig, and borrowing their gear, began playing new material to a stunned audience.

The System split in November 1983 and reformed for a McLibel benefit gig in 1998.

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