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Rubella Ballet is a gothic anarcho-punk band formed in Summer 1979, who released several albums before splitting up in 1991. They reformed in 2000.

Rubella Ballet

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Rubella Ballet formed in 1979 by Sid Ation, Zillah Minx, Pete Fender & sister Gem Stone (of Fatal Microbes) came from the famous Crass gig at Conway Hall where the Crass invited the audience to use their equipment and finish off the evening doing their own thing, so Sid got up on Penny’s drum kit, Zillah grabbed Steve’s mic, Pete & Gem taking the bass and guita.

It probably sounded rough but it was the start of a very colourful part of what was and is the British anarcho punk scene. Sid was also drumming for Flux of Pink Indians and played on the single Tube Disaster and writing the music for the b side Sick Butchers and Background to Malfunction to leave sometime after to play fulltime for Rubella Ballet much to the dismay of many people.

The band is well known for their psychedelic stage show and the use of nothing more than a UV lights, strobes and a bit of smoke to illuminate the band, the music has the same innovative psychedelic qualities fusing punk, tribal, dance and absolute weirdness into a myriad of music styles.