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Goldblade was formed in Manchester in early 1995, by ex Membranes frontman, John Robb, with Wayne Simmons and Keith Curtis on bass, Rob Haynes on drums and Jay Taylor on guitar.


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With a fierce intelligence and a thirst for esoteric knowledge that matches a music that is visceral and almost spiritual in its primal spirit Goldblade are like no other band.

Reacting to the modern times the band seem to have cranked both the energy and the raw power in an album that is a clean break from their past. From the opening gnarled bass intro of This Is War! to the closing 9 minute jagged drone of the title track the band are unrelenting without ever being predictable as they create dark sound and not noise.

If you like to think like we do that punk rock is some kind of folk music – not just a folk music of finger in the ear, real ale country pub variety but a ribald urban blues, then we can talk.

Last year Goldblade decided to strip punk rock down to its roots and instead of using amps, stages, drum kits and the paraphernalia of the rock machine started doing gigs where it felt right- random guerilla gigs in car parks, street corners, fields and legendary events like the HMV in Blackpool where 300 people turned up and swamped the shop with a joyous singalong.


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